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The agency’s story begins in the South of France… After 6 years in design in Provence and Côte d’Azur, after having been artistic director of an advertising agency, Olivier Rullière (OR), decides to move to Valencia and creates his own brand: OR Design. He is followed by international clients who still trust in us today. Little by little, he gains the confidence of important agencies from all over the world who decide to entrust to us with their clients’ creations. At the same time, satisfied clients bring more projects and allow this adopted Valencian to develop his digital marketing and design agency.

In 2020, the brand celebrated its 10th anniversary. The agency is fortunate to have a high-quality team.

This allows us to proudly say that more than 98% of our clients have stayed with us since we started working with them… Let us tell you what we do:

Olivier OR Design
OR Design who we are

We are a digital marketing, design, programming and consulting agency

As a consultant, we advise and help our clients to make decisions in the field of marketing and design. We provide support in third-party teams in terms of UI/UX as well as programming.

In the field of programming, we create web pages with different languages and media, including WordPress, but this is not the only one. Our team is made up of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the development and management of technical projects. This allows us to create from scratch the tools that your company needs, from small development in php, mysql to a complete erp if the market does not offer modular solutions that can be adapted. Our technical team creates tailor-made web and mobile applications.

Tell us about your project, and we will find the human team necessary to make it a reality and, above all, a success!


We have a team of high-level professional designers, true professionals in their field, and with their expertise we obtain our excellence in design. This allows us to accompany the client in all types of graphic and digital creation with the aim of maximising the message impacts on your client.


We create everything from branding and business cards to stands and brochures. We also help you with your brand’s journey into the digital worldfield, from your own website to web advertising through banners, newsletters or graphic elements of social networks. Our skills allow us to use all the tools of design, from photographic images to 3D and all kinds of graphic creations.

Multidisciplinary team

Finally, we partner with the best SEO and digital marketing professionals, having a multidisciplinary team, replacing the entire marketing department that our clients need. We have at our disposal a large network of the best professionals in areas complementary to our activity, there are no limits to our clients’ dreams.

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